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Our Story

We were a bunch of college friends that wanted to give back to the community. We were struggling college students that didn’t have much money, but wanted to help any way we could.

We started by collecting $5 to $10 dollars among our friends and their families. We then went out and bought bread, peanut butter and jelly with the funds we raised. We hand-made sandwiches and distributed them to about 50-60 individuals in need. Our whole team went home feeling amazing and decided we have to continue doing this.

From that point on, we committed to providing this service once a month. We started making rice and garbonzo beans and roti. For the first few months, we did monthly service in Yuba and then we started providing support in Sacramento. And after that we never looked back. We started doing weekly events in Sacramento and monthly events in San Francisco. We then we had a team join from Canada who provides additional monthly service. And after a few years, we started doing disaster relief projects too.

The rest is history.

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