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Current Seva Projects

Food bank

Drive-thru food bank providing groceries for low income for Yuba, Sutter and Butte counties. Each event has served 180+ families with enough groceries to last a week or more. The community comes together to donate each item and we get together to sort and pack all groceries the morning of the event.


Medical professionals from our volunteer group visit underprivileged communities to check blood pressure, blood sugar, and other vital signs.

Feeding the Homeless

We serve warm meals, snacks and water to those less fortunate people living on the streets. We have been doing this every single week for the last 9 years. Every Thursday rain or shine and we also do every 3rd Saturday.


We’re providing 5 scholarships for students who have been an asset to the community. The qualifications are to be a high school senior, students must have a certain GPA, and be involved in community service.

Past Seva Projects

Seva Selfless Service

COVID Deliveries for 3 Months (2020)

USDA coordinated deliveries for those victims affected during COVID. We set up a calling hotline where ppl can call and say what their needs were. We would go and hand-deliver groceries and supplies. Our phone number was in the papers and city resource centers in Sutter, Butte and Sacramento Counties. People were calling us for any of their needs. We were doing 10+ deliveries daily.

Seva Selfless Service

Ride Against Hunger (2019)

Motorcycle ride donations went to feed the homeless. Chardi Kalla Motorcycle Club (CKMC) had 20 riders collect donations and serve food to the folks in downtown Sacramento. We helped provide warm meals and drinks to those in need.

Seva Selfless Service

Santa's Helpers: Gifts for Kids (2019)

Toy drive donation for kids. We adopted a family to provide toys for during Christmas. These are children that are low income that may not be able to afford the luxuries some children have.

Seva Selfless Service

Unique Home Orphanage Donation Drive (2019)

Seva collected $10,000 in donation funds to give to an orphanage that brings in unwanted girls. We spent a whole day volunteering with Bibi-Parkash-Kaur. We met 70+ daughters in India and heard first-hand success
stories from elder daughters who were abandoned
and got a second chance to live life.

Seva Selfless Service

Redding Fires (2018)

We provided water and other aid items to those affected by the fire in Redding, California.

Seva Selfless Service

Surgeries & Medications in India (2018)

We treated 5 patients who had life threating conditions. One was a child with a tumor, second one was a man whose eyes were fused shut. Another was a man hit by a car. Have to look back to find out who other two patients were. The patients we took in, we funded their entire treatment. Pre and post-op medications and doctor visits. We saw it thru until the end. We helped the families financially too.

Seva Selfless Service

Nepal Earthquake (2015)

We rebuilt shelters and houses for those ppl who lost their homes during the earth quake. We provided warm meals around the clock and other basic life esstentials to those who lost everything.

Seva Selfless Service

Paradise Fires (2018)

Our team served food and resources at three different shelters over a period of 28 days. We provided lunch and dinner most days of the week. We also donated gloves, thermals and any other immediate needs daily. We were working in coordination with the Salvation Army and they relied on us to provide most meals for lunch and dinner at the shelters. Every morning we would check in with the shelters to see what their needs were and then we would go deliver supplies (towels, toilet paper, milk, food, etc.). We also picked up garbage and helped clean up shelters in the area.

Seva Selfless Service

Africa School Project (2018)

We provided clean drinking water from 2018 to present for schools, and school supplies in a village in Hoedspruit, South Africa. We also delivered water twice a week for the school kids.

Seva Selfless Service

Domestic Violence Support (2018)

We helped 3 domestic abuse victims get out of their abusive relationships and get jobs, housing and get their lives back together. We also found the right resources for mental health help. Next, we helped their kids get situated into schools and found the families’ housing, ID cards, social security cards, passports and immigration documents. All three families are now productive to society, working and on their own feet.

Seva Selfless Service

Texas Floods (2017)

Our team spent 2 weeks in texas supplying food and water to the smaller towns where other agencies had not gone. We were doing supply runs for different shelters. We also delivered food and necessities for people living out of hotel rooms. We delivered cleaning and bleach for people to start recovering their homes. We worked in coordination with the Texas National Guard. We also provided new school supplies to the students that lost everything during the flood. Our days would start at 5 AM and end at midnight some nights. We were hand-loading and unloading entire U-Haul trucks of water to places in need. Beumont and Wharton were left out from relief efforts as the flood was blocking the highway. We drove thru flood water and back roads to get there.

Seva Selfless Service

Haiti, Hurricane Matthew (2016)

Houses were torn down and the area experienced wide spread damage from the category 5 hurricane. Our Sevadars went in and teamed up with Khalsa Aid to help rebuild houses and provide around-the-clock food for the people suffering from hunger and loss of
shelter. We also proudly helped with the orphanages in the area.

Seva Selfless Service

Toy Drive for Children (2015)

Provided toys for homeless families living in a shelter. We provided toys and school supplies. Set up a carnival for them with games and activities to entertain the children.

Seva Selfless Service

Annual Winter Drives (Yearly)

Every year for Christmas and Thanksgiving, we provide blankets, sleeping bags, jackets, gloves, beanies and warm food for people sleeping on the streets.

Seva Selfless Service

Delhi Seva For Protests

We provided 1,500 meals daily (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for protestors living on the streets for 120+ days. We had our own 100 ft. by 40 ft. structure kitchen set up to provide meals for those in need. We set up water purification systems, provided clean drinking water for different emcampments, blankets, tents, toilets with a proper sewer system, fans, washing machines, masks, WIFI, freezers, water coolers and mist systems.

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