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To selflessly serve underserved communities.

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Disaster Relief

About Seva Selfless Service

We are a group of united like-minded individuals who are dedicated to providing meals, disaster relief and international aid to those in need.

Volunteer-Based, 100% Donations.

SEVA Selfless Service
Seva Selfless Service

We Have the Power to Impact Our Community, and We’re Doing Something About It

We are a bunch of college friends that wanted to give back to the community. We were struggling college students that didn’t have much money, but wanted to make a small difference in this world. We all pitched in 5-10 dollars amongst our friends and families. We went out and bought bread, PB, and jelly. We hand made sandwiches and distributed to about 50-60 individuals. Our whole team went home feeling amazing and decided we have to continue doing this.

Featured Projects

Health wellness clinics

Medical professionals from our volunteer group visit underprivileged communities to check blood pressure, blood sugar, and other vital signs. 

Food Bank

Drive-thru food bank providing groceries for low income for Yuba, Sutter and Butte counties. Each event has served 180+ families with enough groceries to last a week or more. 

Seva Scholarship

5 scholarships for students who have been an asset to the community. The qualification is to be a high school senior, have a certain GPA, and be involved in community service.

Feeding the Homeless

We serve warm meals, snacks and water to those less fortunate people living on the streets. Every Thursday, rain or shine. We also provide this service every 3rd Saturday.

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Serving Those in Need

We aspire to establish a united front of young individuals determined to generate changes for the underserved.

Through combined efforts, we hope to launch more projects geared toward public service.

Raise awareness in order to establish a network of individuals willing to serve humanity and provide imperative resources during times of crisis.

Serving Those in Need

Upcoming Seva Events

Seva Selfless Service

Yuba City

Drive through food bank last Saturday of every month.

Seva Selfless Service


Serve warm meals to underprivileged in Sacramento every Thursday at 5pm.

Seva Selfless Service

San Francisco

Serve warm meals to underprivileged in SF every third Saturday of every month.

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